Heroes III WoG freezes

Like myself, quite a lot of people love Heroes 3 In The Wake of Gods (WoG), the unofficial, enhanced, brilliant sequel of 3DO’s Heroes of Might and Magic 3 strategy games. And, like myself, some people started to encounter frequent game freezes. For instance I got to the point where the game was not playable anymore, but now I have a solution that might help.

First, I tried running the game in compatibility mode for older versions of Windows (right click on the game executable wog.exe > Properties > Compatibility… ) and combinations of the like. To no avail.

Hell, I even tried running the game on a virtual machine running Windows XP, again to no avail, because the game failed even  to start. This led me to conclude that there was some other problem underlying…

However, during one evening that I really, really, really wanted play H3WoG, I started debugging very, very seriously and I found that in order to reduce the freeze frequency, one must set is antivirus in Game Mode. That’s right, sometimes the game freezes because the antivirus program does something to a file that the game needs, or some of Heroes III WoG’s internal scripts are being scanned leading to various race conditions in code execution and, therefore, to game crashes.

So, in order to reduce the frequency of these annoying crashes, when some audio keeps repeating in a very, very annoying fashion, first set your antivirus program to Game Mode, then start the game (doing it the other way around will not be of any use). Also, one may be able to further reduce the number of crashes by running the game in compatibility mode, but that depends on many, many factors arising form one’s system configuration and running applications, not in the purpose of this article.

Anyway, that’s it: Game mode, then game on!

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  1. Mihai Todor 23 septembrie 2012 la 20:25 - Raspunde

    Actually, you’re doing it wrong:

    1. Stop using a crappy antivirus and get one that is smart enough;

    2. Don’t use the crappy Micro$oft Virtual PC when there is a much better alternative that knows how to use HW virtualization and 2D (and even 3D) acceleration properly. I am 99.9% sure that you weren’t able to get the game running in the VM because yours doesn’t support 2D acceleration (properly). And by the way, my suggestion is also open source, so don’t nag me about license issues 😉 Also, make sure that you have HW virtualization support enabled in your BIOS (it’s usually disabled by default on laptops);

    3. Have you considered running it on Ubuntu, using Wine?

    LE: Have you seen this project?

  2. dumy 24 septembrie 2012 la 13:49 - Raspunde

    Caută pe net după niște patch-uri de WoG, care te vor ajuta la multe, printre care enumăr: Windows 7 compatibility, HD resolutions, etc

    • Robin Molnar 25 septembrie 2012 la 08:50 - Raspunde

      Să știi că niciodată nu mi-a dat prin cap să caut mod-uri de Heroes 3. Dar, după ce mi-ai spus tu, m-am uitat. Mersi mult, deja mă joc Heroes III HD. 😀

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