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  1. Jamie Coleman 09 august 2010 la 12:07 - Raspunde

    I have an application that will only work with this exact modem and no other one. I was wondering if you still have this modem. i would be interested in buying this if you did not need it anymore.


    • Robin Molnar 09 august 2010 la 22:43 - Raspunde

      Hi Jamie,

      I still have this modem and is still functioning, but I will not sell it as it is a part of my Computer History Museum.

      Still, if you care to give some details on your application, I might be able to assist you into finding an alternate, working solution.

      Also, I saw some compatible hardware on eBay, should that help you.


  2. Gabriel 12 mai 2011 la 12:05 - Raspunde

    Hi Jamie,
    I have the same modem , and i want to sell.
    Give me an email sterescugabriel[tralalala]gmail.com if you are interested.

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