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  The Sea of Agile at HP

As the waves of the endless sea tame the sand of the golden shore We’re testing release after release, and then test some more, And, as footsteps in the sand, like things to remember, We do our daily stuff on Quality Center.

  My prayer

Hear me father, Hear my thought, Heal my body, Heal my soul!   Give me love, Give it all, Spare a chance To play my role…   Give me life To spare my time And in the end To find the light.   Give me strength To carry on, Don’t let me down here All […]

  Angelic Love

My love is my shelter, My love is so true, My love is my angel, My love who are you? The pain I feel, The lips I kiss, The way I smile And everything! You are the sunset in my eyes, You are the dream that has come true, You are my half, my sweet, […]


I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling sad, I’m losing that Which I never had.   I’m losing love, If love is what I’m feeling, I’m loving you, If you I’m losing.   I’m loving you, With a breathtaking emotion, I’m losing you, With rest


You are the sweetness of a flower as it grows, The final call of innocence before its sin, and the tasty mixture of spicy and sweet.   I am the black crow searching for food, The bloody bastard hunting for fun, And the final horizon of the morning sun.   We are the cattle searchi

  Differential Love

And even if we’re not together I know you understand. My girlfriend knows, I know she does, She cries inside her Like a rose, ‘Coz I love you, And you love me, And, still, beside us There is "She"!   It’s not my fault It is this way, The path we’ve ch


I throw away this memory of you, It is our last time, I give up hope, I give up you, I’m sory.   Don’t you feel it’s our last goodbye, And don’t you care it’s our final kiss, Don’t you really know you’re losing me Or that our ending soon will