We need more European Environmental Policies

Le-am scris celor de la Comisia Europeană, în engleză, supărat de faptul că nu avem, politici de mediu suficient de bune, suficient de coerente și suficient de complete. Mai jos, mesajul. Încă nu am primit răspuns.

With each day, I grow more and more frustrated with the inadequacy of the European Environmental Policies.

Why are we not doing enough to save the environment? We’re tackling some aspects of the problem, but not others.

  1. Why are we not mounting solar panels on every rooftop of every building in Europe?
    1. Or, why are there barely any green rooftops in Europe?
  2. Why are we not reinsulating all of the old buildings in Europe?
    1. Or, why are we not championing transforming walls into vertical gardens?
  3. Why are we not transporting more long-distance cargo by train?
  4. Why are non-essential goods imported from far away not in the carbon economy?
  5. Why are the agricultural products not in the carbon economy?
    1. Especially products from far away, or red meat.
  6. Why do we still allow food to be thrown to garbage, especially after it was transported thousands of kilometers?
  7. Why are we not funding some one-tree-per-child initiative, where children could name their tree and treat it as a friend?
  8. Why are we still subsidizing coal and gas?
  9. Why don’t we ask European car makers about their plans to shift to electrical vehicles?
  10. Why don’t we have a 1,000 billion euro plan to switch to a modern economy?
    1. We had 1,000 billion for the banks, after the financial crisis in 2008.
    2. Is the environment worth any less than the banking environment?
    3. Europe needs to be big on the big things!
  11. Why are we not subsidizing research into artificial meat, as a means to help reduce pollution?
  12. Why are we not championing research into electric airplanes?
    1. For a two-hour flight, one’s carbon footprint is 200 kilograms. This is insane, why are we doing this?
  13. Why are there 20 different types of vignettes for environmental areas in Europe?
    1. Except for Germany, where this is unified, everyone else has variations to no end. Please, do step in and make sure we get the desired mobility whith the same care for the environment.
  14. Why are we not championing remote work?
    1. People commuting all day long, kilometers on end, pollutiong for a living. Is this the better world that we’re supposed to have?
    2. Why are there barely any electrical busses in Europe?
  15. Why are we not labeling products with an efficiency coefficient, like we do for electrical appliances, based on the energy efficiency of the production process?
    1. Or the cleanliness of the production process?

Please advise!

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