New service available

I am proud to present to all my international visitors a new, one of a kind and the first of its kind, ever, e-cards service. Check the details!

Has your loved one cheated on you? Maybe you met someone else. Or maybe you just need a break. There’s only one result: breaking up!

We all know how it feels to tell someone that it’s over. We all know how stressing this can be. We’ve all been there.

But now, the e-cards service I provide for free allows you to send the proper message across. No stress, no more pain. Not elegant but simple and straight forward. No registration required.

You can even send the break up message right now! There are about 100 messages to chose from. You can even request new text entrirs and thus help improving the service. Just use the proper menu entry to access it.

There’s a limitation, however. My hosting provider only allows for a maximum number of 200 e-mails to be sent an hour and thus less that 100 users can benefit. Hopefully we’ll be able to straighten that.

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