Nope – Romanians & Bulgarians Are Not Queueing Up For Handout Britain

February 2nd, 2013

Dear Mr. Culliford,

As a reaction to your recent publication of the article “Next stop UK: Romanians & Bulgarians are queueing up for handout Britain” in the online version of the world-renown daily newspaper The Sun, please indulge me to openly state my outrage regarding your most unfair words.

First of all, back in 2008, I was in the United Kingdom with an E.U. scholarship, spending EUR 3,000+ worth of E.U. money and around EUR 1,500 of my family money. I think it was a very good deal that U.K. got, as of the EUR 4,500 I alone spent, less than EUR 500 was money paid by U.K. to the E.U.

Secondly, as an automation engineer and MsC undergraduate, I was given the opportunity to spend my two and a half months there studying at some university. Given that I got acquainted to the city and its people, one must ask himself why did I not continue my collaboration with the university, after the scholarship ended, and not pursue the PhD that was proposed to me, at that time.

It was precisely because hard working E.U. citizens like myself are not allowed to work in the U.K. So, yes, your plan worked, I am currently living in Romania, but making a better living here than I could have made there, with the minuscule amount paid to doctorate students. The way you treat people who want to evolve and educate themselves speaks about what the future will hold.

Given that I was in the U.K. for a summer and seeing how xenophobic many of your countrymen are, I must assure you that I will do my best to never, ever, have to go and work there again.

Yes, I can speak the language, yes, I am anglophone and yes, the U.K. is beautiful, but due to how people like you present us to your fellow people, one never truly gets to yield the fruits of his own work, education and civilization, leading to major frustration that cannot be easily overcome.

No, Sir, perhaps some of my fellow countrymen pickpocket some of yours, I heard about this, it happens. However, please let me tell you that, while being there, I got robbed by some Lord-praised U.K. citizens and that, other time, some bully-team of six thirty-something fellows two hundred pounds worth of muscles each, entered the house, by force, in the middle of the night, in search for some guy that didn’t even live there. Yes, they broke the door and let themselves in, and there was nothing I could do about it because, regardless of their business in U.K., immigrants have no rights there.

No, Sir, hard working, decent people like myself will never, ever, allow one, such as yourself, treat them below their dignity. And it outrages me that you put even the most socially-objectionable U.K. citizens above decent, educated and hard working fellows like myself, as if, somehow, by miracle, their not-so-hard work, not-so-added value activities will ever yield more investment, revenue and, ultimately, profits for the U.K. economy and for the overall wealth of the society.

As I said, I am an automation engineer and I care most about results. And, in this matter, the result is that U.K. continues to refuse decent treatment to hard-working immigrant people, at the same time favoring U.K. nationals not-so-willing to contribute to the overall prosperity of the community. This is most unfair, Sir. Both, to potential hard-working, law abiding, decent immigrants, as well as hard-working, law abiding, decent U.K. nationals, paying for the sought-after social services.

But I digress.

At some point, I met this 23 y.o. U.K. national that his only job was to clean the floor of a pub, a single pub, after customers left home in the middle of the night. Do explain me how his minimum wage and his absent desire for becoming are more meaningful to U.K. than one’s hard work, dedication and gratitude. I, somehow, was misled to believe – prior to me being there – that U.K., as any other decent country, is about hard work and being paid for it.

But it wasn’t! U.K. ceased being a decent country quite a while back, when politicians that you so eagerly support started to apply the millennia- old principle of “divide et impera“, and this denial of decency to outsiders is a direct result of it. You know what? It was initially applied against immigrants but now, in the latter years, you – as in “the U.K” – are starting to apply it against your own nationals as well.

As a matter of fact, when I came to U.K, I was impressed by how polite people were, saying “Hello” on the street and “Thank you!” everywhere, most of the time being courteous and seemingly-open. Then, as I spent more time there, I was shocked by how decent U.K. people managed to create such an indecent country, flooded by racism, ignorance, superficiality and a total lack of desire for personal evolution and development, like the guy that I wrote you about a few paragraphs back, who didn’t even attend high-school, because “London is providing for me and that’s enough”.

He had no plans for future, no plans for family and, generally speaking, no other plans than where will he party the next late evening.

No, Sir, I am not your problem.

No, I am not a problem for the mighty U.K.

No, the problem is that U.K. is so broken that large pools of its citizens are not a match for other countries’ people. And this, Sir, is not mine, nor our fault.

Finally, for all this lack of international human competition, that U.K. Empire has made globally applicable, you blame us, the people with the will and the know-how to help?

It’s obscene, Sir, as obscene as publishing an article in The Sun and signing it with a fake e-mail address, as you did.

So, please, Sir, show some respect for decent, hard working people in Romania, in UK and elsewhere. I don’t think we’re asking that much, do we?

Your outraged,
Ms. Ing. Robin Molnar

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  1. TNH 03 februarie 2013 la 18:56 - Raspunde

    Please don’t pay attention to him, he’s just another poor writer for a poor quality newspaper.

    • Robin Molnar 11 februarie 2013 la 21:08 - Raspunde

      Indeed, it never crossed my mind UK newspapers could get this low. Thank you!

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