I’m feeling happy,

I’m feeling sad,

I’m losing that

Which I never had.


I’m losing love,

If love is what

I’m feeling,

I’m loving you,

If you I’m losing.


I’m loving you,

With a breathtaking emotion,

I’m losing you,

With restless tears.

You’re loving me?

I wonder every day

Whether I am the one

or maybe not,

Whether you care

About what I need.


Maybe I’m wrong,

Maybe it’s true,

Maybe the love I felt for you

Hurts deep inside,

Needless to say,

I dream about you every day.


Maybe you’re wrong,

Maybe you don’t

Believe in ourselves anymore.


But what if you’re right,

And I am wrong,

Maybe it’s my fault

All along,

Maybe together

Means something in the past,

And maybe I realized that

At last.


Maybe you need

A different me,

And maybe I can’t,

And you want to break free.


Maybe the path

You’ve chosen for you

Has torn me apart

And thus made me blue.


I want to tell you

That I do love you,

I want to know

Which way you’ll go,

I want to know

If you want to break free,

But, most of all,

There’s the word "maybe".

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