Obama versus Romney

Julian Assange/ WikiLeaks:


SHUBERT: What exactly are we going to see inside these documents and what do they reveal?

JULIAN ASSANGE, WIKILEAKS FOUNDER: I think the broad pattern over the 100 is policies of unaccountability. And that leads to a policy of impunity. So that’s when, for example, in 2005 the U.S. military introduced the policy about how to not give detainees even prisoner numbers. Their ISN or internal security numbers. That’s to keep them out of U.S. military central records in order that the prisoner may be then transferred on to another government organization, almost certainly the CIA, and disappeared in some manner.

So when you have those policies combined with policies of destroying videotapes, it’s another document we have released, or not making them in the first place, it leads to a situation where abuse can occur and it can’t be discovered.

WikiLeaks has now released three years worth of main Guantanamo Bay manuals. The rest of the world’s press combined have released zero. Zero. That is simply not acceptable. These are documents who have credible historical importance that have gone on to shape not only prison conditions around the world, but have gone on to produce a climate of unaccountability within the U.S. military, within the CIA, that is then also spread to other western institutions.

SHUBERT: What is it actually like living in the embassy? I mean, this is something that I – people ask a lot of questions about…

ASSANGE: Well, I joked it’s a little bit like living in a space station, because there’s no natural life. I mean, you’ve got make all your own stuff and you can’t go out to shops and so on.

But I’ve been in solitary confinement. I know what life is like for prisoners. It’s a lot better than it is for prisoners.

SHUBERT: What you’re facing in Sweden are allegations completely separate from the investigation that you’re facing in the U.S. Why not just go to Sweden and face the questioning? You’ve already said, you know, you’ve denied any wrongdoing. So why not just go?

ASSANGE: Look, I have been – there’s attempts to extradite me without charge and without evidence allegedly for the purpose of questioning. All meanwhile, the FBI has been engaged in building this tremendous case, now up to 42,135 pages at least. So…

SHUBERT: So what’s the way out of this? I mean, you can’t I presume stay here forever.

ASSANGE: I think we need the U.S. government to drop its investigation. The DOJ needs to drop the investigation against WikiLeaks. It must drop the investigation against WikiLeaks. It’s an immoral investigation. It breaches the first amendment. It breaches all the principles that the United States government says that it stands for. And it absolutely breaches the principles that the U.S. founding fathers stood for and which most of the U.S. people believe in.

Astfel, știe cineva pentru ce a primit Obama un premiu Nobel pentru pace?

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