Facebook abusing internet domain holders


I am the owner of robintel.ro domain and I saw a lot of people signed up for Facebook using e-mail addresses belonging to my domain.

Although they have not confirmed their e-mail address, because I’m not a public e-mail service provider, Facebook continues to e-mail such unverified accounts asking them whether or not they know some other people.

As such, I need to ask you to stop such practices as it’s abusive to (force someone) unsubscribe from all he possible e-mail addresses that people can abusively conceive.

Of course, I expect you to contact me, to allow me to prove that I am the domain owner.

Thank you!

Ms. Ing. Robin Molnar


My question is: Why does Facebook send e-mails to people who have not verified their accounts? Why not ask users to verify their accounts first, and e-mail them later?

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  1. Mihai Todor 21 aprilie 2013 la 01:05 - Raspunde

    Does Chuck Norris need confirmation before doing whatever he pleases? 🙂

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