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Să iau foc nu alta când am citit articolul "Europe’s Next Revolution?" din The New York Times. Parcă ar fi fost scris la Moscova sau în biroul lui Voronin. Este atât de plin de prostii încât am luat foc şi le-am trimis o scrisoare pe care o reproduc în continuare.


My name is Robin Molnar ad I am a Romanian citizen living in Moldova-neighboring Romania. I wish to add a comment to the article entitled "Europe’s Next Revolution?" . I was surprised by the general attitude of the op – editor Andrew Wilson in a very unpleasant manner. As such, please allow me to add a few comments on what was written.

  • "Nor have they been provoked by incontrovertible evidence of massive voting fraud." On the contrary, that’s exactly what provoked the protests. People have evidence probing the communist guilt. An economist currently in Japan was on the list of people who voted, alongside his dead father, his mother reported. Interestingly, Moldova does not have an embassy in Japan, just in China. And this is just one case, out of many.
  • " The Communists fought dirty in the campaign, but not as dirty as others in the region." – this does not mean that the elections were not fraudulent. Comparing to other regimes does not make an argument in itself. I’ve seen reports of entire cemeteries voting in the elections. In a normal county dead people don’t vote.
  • "Regional TV was harassed, but the main national opposition channel stayed open." – the national opposition channel can only be received in a few towns while the country’s communist controlled national TV station has total coverage countrywide. This was not a fair election campaign, by any decent standard.
  • "But Moldova is still a relatively open country. Its people have access to Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian mass media." – this is deeply untrue. Last year the communist government revoked the broadcasting license for the only Romanian TV station there and gave it to pro-communist media. Another station, Pro TV Chisnau, from the same network with the Emmy award-winning Pro TV Romania stations, has seen its personnel beaten and harassed. So much with the freedom of speech.
  • "But the result was not a total steal."- indeed, they only frauded enough votes to gain the majority. Still this does not validate the elections.
  • "Voronin has conducted a largely pro-E.U. course since 2003" – any      evidence on that? We can prove the contrary! Moldavian citizens were not allowed to enter the country for the elections. How pro-European is that? There is evidence that during the Tuesday’s riot people backed by the police (we suspect government employees) put the EU and Romanian flags on top of a governmental building and the Moldavian president said that the violent events are Romanian  made. They even declared the Romanian ambassador "persona non grata" and asked him to leave within 24 hours, something that only happens during wars. I must remind that Romania is part of the EU and NATO. How is president Voronin’s deceit and lie a pro-European attitude? Due to historical reasons, a large number of Moldavian citizens are entitled to receive Romanian citizenship. In order to allow people do that in a decent manner, Romania has requested three more diplomatic consulates are opened. Mr. Voronin declined the request. How do you call a regime that does not allow its citizens this basic right?
  • "Visas are a huge issue for Moldovans working legally or illegally in the E.U. " – I’m afraid that denying them the required visas would have a major downside, forcing them to work in Russia, away from democracy and the values we pretend we represent.
  • "The E.U. Border Monitoring Mission has helped cut down on corruption and the trafficking of people and drugs through Transnistria." – any evidence on that? As far as  know no EU or OSCE mission can enter Transnistria at their will. Most of the time they are not allowed to cross the border. Not EU nor OSCE has any authority there, so that trafficking continues to this day. Especially weapons trafficking. I must even ask: why is this trafficking allowed to continue? Why does Russia allow this? People in Africa get killed by weapons brought from that area. How bearable is this?
  • "Moldova may be a small country, but it is one of the region’s few democracies." – this is an insult. Rigging the elections is not something to be done in a democracy, nor are various arrests of people opposing the regime. In a democracy you allow journalists enter the country, especially during a situation of crisis. Neither BBC nor FrancePress journalists were allowed in Moldova yesterday. I don’t even mention Romanian journalists. As of last night Romanian (EU) citizens are required to have visas but the Moldovan embassy in Bucharest does not issue them. They don’t know how.

I’m afraid this article only represented the Russian point of view, something I didn’t expect from The New York Times, the best known newspaper in the world. Maybe your editor should talk to the people there, if you can get it to enter Moldova, since there’s only about a handful of Western journalists there and hundreds of them form Russia. Even AlJazeera has a crew there.

In order to  emphasize my message I musk ask again: how democratic is a regime that oppresses its citizens? How much of the free speech can you have in a regime that uses violence to make journalists quiet? What do the EU and the US stand for, if not for democracy? Why can’t we allow these people chose their own path in a truly democratic manner? In theory, at least, Russia does not have anything to say about some sort of intervention in Moldova, not military however, since Moldova is another country. Why don’t we live up yo our words, to our honor? Why do we allow people be oppressed 100 miles away from the Kogalniceanu US (NATO) base in Romania? What role does NATO play if not to extend democracies to its neighbors?

What happens there is a direct result of US and EU policies. They truly believe that we live up to our values: democracy and human rights. But we, as in the EU, and you, as in the US, do absolutely nothing to live up to our values. It’s hypocrisy. Ours. Although I\m not American I do know the value and the power of these famous words: "We, the people". OK. It’s "you". How about the "others"? Because they are, too, "we, the people". How about them?

I’m afraid I have so many questions with little to no answer. The only answer I have is: "Because they just don’t care!". I hope I’m wrong and this is not really the case. However, if NATO, the EU and the US don’t really care about these people struggling to be free, maybe we should be sincere and let them know, so that the struggle ends. Maybe we should have a dignifying attitude towards them and ultimately towards us.

Thank you for your patience!


Robin Molnar

Later edit: I heard that pro-government people from Gagauzia and Transnistria want to move into Chisinau to assisst in the opression. Who will be guilty if there will be a civil war? I personally blame Russia, the EU and the US.

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  1. TNH 09 aprilie 2009 la 11:29 - Raspunde

    Le-am scris şi eu celor de la NYT; dacă mai citesc şi alţi oameni cât de cât informaţi articolul respectiv şi vor atrage şi ei atenţia asupra greşelilor, poate chiar va fi corectat.

    • Robin Molnar 09 aprilie 2009 la 12:24 - Raspunde

      :s Oricum, mi se pare o mizerie ce au făcut ei. :s

  2. pass4sure 25 noiembrie 2010 la 12:10 - Raspunde

    Am găsit asta este un post informativ şi interesant, aşa că am cred că este foarte util si cunostinte. Aş dori să vă mulţumesc pentru eforturile pe care le-au făcut în scris acest articol. Sper cel mai bun lucru de la tine în acelaşi viitor, precum şi. De fapt, capacitatea de scriere creativa mi-a inspirat. Într-adevăr articol se raspandeste rapid aripile sale …
    Ceea ce priveşte,
    IT Consultants

    • Robin Molnar 25 noiembrie 2010 la 21:01 - Raspunde

      =D I am always very glad I could be of service, of inspiration.

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