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March 19th, 2014

Cluj Napoca, Romania

Motto: “Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant”

Dear MEP,

It is with utmost desolation that I am writing to you today, in the eve of a new world disorder, when the darkness of evil forevermore casts its shadow upon the good people of Europe, it is with disbelief upon horror that I see the European leaders crumble beneath the weight of the principles they are called to protect today, it is with fierce restlessness that I try to protect myself, my loved ones and the freedom we together built.

It is humiliating beyond any surreal art nuveau novel to see how disgustingly disgusting the European politicians have acted and reacted to the modern reinterpretation of the 1938 annexations.

At that time, the politicians acted in the so-called best interest of their economies, as you do, nowadays, leading to an unprecedented, indescribable, unforgivable blood shed that forever stains our shared history.

Today, in spite of all the well-documented advice coming from senior historians, you, dear MEPs, act as carelessly and as misguided as your forebearers, reluctant to cut the root of all evil, as we all should, without initiative and without rising to the moment the history bestow upon us.

I, an East European, am terrified beyond words that such moment will come when, in order to protect your economies, you’ll watch, with deep concern, Bolshevism engulf us all in a plague of “elections” like those we “most generously” were served with by Mother Russia after the Second World War, “blessing” us with half a century of “popular democracy”, in itself a crime against humanity.

I do understand the economics of the situation and how frail the European economy is. But I also understand how fragile democracy can be and how failing to raise to the occasion does always increase the cost for the later, as it is in school, so it is with politics.

Let me, please, be terribly honest about it: I, Robin Molnar, am horrified that on the verge of The Second Soviet Union, Europe is led by mediocre politicians, failing to understand the gravity of their inaction and the grave consequences of their not listening to what history has already taught us.

For this, history repeats itself and the blood spill will be on your hands, too! Are you so naive as to even think an aggressor ever stops by itself or by kind request? I hope not!

So, it is in this moment of terrified distress that I ask you to rise to the challenges we were presented with and act in a dignifying manner, forever repelling Bolshevism from Europe, prolonging not only peace in Europe, but democracy as well, sending criminal political leaders to that dark spot in history that they came from.

I urge you, dear MEPs, act in a fashion that will reverse the course of aggression, stop warfare in its track and prevent brotherly killing for the might of one minute secret service officer that happens to rule over Russia.

I, therefore, urge you understand that the economy is not safe in an unsafe Europe, I urge you to find the courage required to stand up to this aggression not only to Ukraine, but to every principle we stand dear of, I urge you take the lead in bringing new peace in Europe.

Because we are not safe with such an aggressive country, none of us is, and I don’t want to die, but I am here, in the Eastern Europe, the front line – if I may say so – of the battle between the new millennium that European Union seeded and the old age that the newer Soviet Union resurrects.

For this reason, the motto is that with Julius Caesar. It is said he was greeted this way by those condemned to get to the front line of battle, and get killed. And I don’t want to die. For this, I want you to rise to the occasion, embrace your duties and act firmly, vigorously and bravely, to leave no room for interpretation.

Act strong, act clear, act dignifying, act European.


Robin Molnar

Așa, m-am mulțumit să le trimit asta pe mail. La toți.

2 Comentarii

  1. Alin 21 martie 2014 la 09:57 - Raspunde

    Foarte frumos Robin! Cred că ar fi un act de curaj din partea unui membru al parlamentului european să facă asemenea declarații. Cât despre expansiunea sovietică se va opri cel mai probabil la Republica Moldovă sau la România :))

    • Robin Molnar 26 martie 2014 la 07:08 - Raspunde

      Asta, dacă nu cumva or să ne vândă ai noștri, înainte.

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