A not-so-small list of Continuum Games

I love my Lumia 950XL and I love its Continuum, the new feature introduced in Windows 10 Mobile, allowing for a desktop-like experience on a connected screen.

So, yesterday I was missing my desktop and, being remote, I cared for som large screen gaming. Now, my mobile device was already connected to a DisplayDock HD500 and, together, connected to the large TV set in my room via HDMI and this led me to search for some gaming solution.

And I am happy with what I found and I am happy to share my list of Continuum games. Please bear in mind that the list is not exhaustive and that new titles are added every day.

My list of Continuum Games

  1. 3D Tetris
  2. 3D Zombie Wars, 3D izometric action
  3. Armada Modern Tanks, tank battles
  4. Army Truck 2 – Civil Uprising 3D, driving/ action
  5. Backgammon Reloaded 3D
  6. Battleship War 3D – Continuum Edition
  7. Beijing Subway Simulator Free – Continuum Release
  8. Bird Fly High 3D – Continuum Edition
  9. Brave Knight Rush, action/ runner/ combat.
  10. Build the City 3D – Continuum
  11. Candy Camp Story
  12. Candy Crush Saga
  13. Candy Crush Soda Saga
  14. Castle Catapult 3D Free – Continuum Game
  15. Cat Simulator 3D – Pets and Friends
  16. Cat Simulator New – Continuum Edition
  17. City Racing 3D
  18. Continuum Incognita – arcade
  19. Cosmo Run, arcade
  20. Curling 3D – Winter Sports Pro – Continuum Edition
  21. Dog Survival RPG Simulator
  22. Dragon Story 3D – Continuum Edition
  23. Dragon Training 3D – Continuum Edition
  24. Extreme Parking Simulator
  25. Fire and Ice Ultra HD – Continuum Game
  26. Flight Simulator 3D – Continuum Release, flight simulator
  27. Future Tanks, tank battles
  28. GamesInABox 3D – Double it, brain game
  29. GamesInABox 3D – In Series
  30. GamesInABox 3D – Memory, memory game
  31. GamesInABox 3D – Speed Count, brain game
  32. Ghost House Survival Free – Continuum Release
  33. Go Classic –  Continuum, Go game
  34. Gymnastics Training 3D – Sports Arena
  35. Handy Copter 3D Continuum
  36. Heavy Tractor Farming Simulator
  37. Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D – Checkpoints
  38. Hero Panda Bomber, Bomberman-style game
  39. Hill Car Racing, 3D car racing
  40. Horror Fists For Band, requires Microsoft Band
  41. Hot Foot – City Racer, 3D car racing
  42. Hunring Animals Winter 3D – Shooting Simulator
  43. Hunting Shark – Sea Monster 3D
  44. Ice and Flame Chess 3D – Continuum Edition
  45. Iron Tanks, tank battles
  46. Jack N’ Jill 3D
  47. Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles, puzzles
  48. John Strike, platform shooter
  49. Last Hope – Heroes Zombie 3D, strategy/action
  50. Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D
  51. League of Gods-Glory Age2, action
  52. Magic Chess 3D Pro Continuum, amazing graphics
  53. Microsoft Mahjongg
  54. Offroad Snow Bus Driving Simulator
  55. Offroad Tourist Bus Simulator – Hill Drive
  56. Olympus Rising – strategy
  57. Parkour Simulator 3D
  58. Pixel Fury: 3D Multiplayer, 3D shooter, online multiplayer
  59. Pixel Racing 3D
  60. Pony Princess Spa Crown Game
  61. Prime World: Defenders. tower defense
  62. Race Car Driving Simulator 3D
  63. Rage Racing 3D
  64. Real Pool 3D
  65. Rento – Monopoly Game Online
  66. Risky Crash Traffic
  67. Robot Fighting 2 – Minibot Battle 3D, 3D RPG/ shooter/ action
  68. Rocket Racer
  69. Rocket Simulator 3D – Continuum Release
  70. Sniper Ops 3D: Kill Terror Shooter, 3D shooter (this I like very much!)
  71. Sniper War, 3D shooter
  72. Solitaire Patience Pack – Continuum
  73. Space Jet 3D, 3D space dogfight
  74. Space Racing 3D
  75. Space Ships War, 3D hardcode indie/ tower defense
  76. Speed Car: WW Warzone
  77. Star Worms Ultra HD – Continuum Edition
  78. Sticked Man Gymnastics Free – Continujm Edition
  79. Stickman Street Fighter – Coontinuum Game
  80. StickyMan bOttleship – Continuum Edition
  81. Storm of Wars – Sacred Homeland, strategy
  82. Subway Simulator 3D – Urban Metro
  83. Subway Simulator 3D – Urban Metro Deluxe
  84. Super Z Killer, izometric 3D shooter/ action/ RPG
  85. Tank Defense TD – Continuum Edition, tank-based tower defense
  86. Tap Tap The Frog Free 3D, 3d izometric
  87. Ten Ten Blocks Match 3D – Continuum Edition, blocks game
  88. Toon Wars, tank battles
  89. Train Ride 3D – Railway Journey, train simulator
  90. Virus Plague 2 – The Antidote – Continuum Release
  91. Whale Harpooning 3D – Continuum Edition
  92. Winter Motocross 3D – Continuum Edition
  93. Yaht 3D, yahzee game

Now, there are a few means to determine whether or not a game will work in Continuum, so you may look for any of:

  • It requires Windows 10 build at least 10240.
  • It works on a Hub.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no way to filter apps or games that work in Continuum, so you may want to use the lazy man’s approach and search the store for “Continuum” games or applications. I know that there are at least a hundred more games to be found this way.

However, the best Continuum games don’t have the “Continuum” particle in their name, so happy hunting. Thus, if there are titles that you would like to add to this list, please leave them in a comment below.

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